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Teaching Period 1, 2023
Play and Environment
Assignment 1: Essay
Assignment details
The purpose of the essay is for you to discuss a range of aspects that articulate your understanding of play, the teacher’s role, and the complex landscape of play in Australian early childhood education (including the underlying reasons for this). To achieve this objective, you need to consider the following:
• The different theoretical perspectives on play—compare at least one traditional (classical) and one contemporary theory of play, and consider how the different theories offer different interpretations about play.
• The cultural and historical influences—consider the cultural influences on play and how children’s play differs between cultural contexts.
• The social and historical impact on the perception and practice of play.
• The spatial environment (for example, outdoor and indoor) influence on play, and the consideration of the teacher’s role within this context.
• How all of the above facets jointly shape the landscape of play in today’s Australian early childhood education.
Some items to consider with regard to the complexities of play:
• Why are there differences?
• How have the different theories interacted to influence the concept of play?
• How has the concept of play changed over time with consideration to the teacher’s role in supporting and encouraging children’s play in learning environments?
Essay requirements
The introduction must introduce the topic and discussion points. As a general rule, an introduction should be no more than 10% of the total word count (in this case, no more than 200 words). You will need to be succinct.
In the body of your essay you will develop a series of claims about play, it's complexities, historical, social and cultural influences on play, the role of the environment, consideration of the role of the teacher in play and how it all shapes Australian context of play and present your knowledge and perspectives to reveal its complexity. These claims will be supported by strong evidence that supports them.
In the conclusion you will need to sum up your discussion and then make a final statement about your response. As with the introduction, your conclusion should not be any more than 10% of the overall word count (so no more than 200 words). That leaves 1600 words for the body of your essay.
You must draw upon research literature to support your discussion. When you use evidence from the literature to support your arguments, you must ensure that you cite it according to APA referencing conventions.
Note that all the readings and discussions in Weeks 1–4 of the unit are designed to support this essay.
Supporting resources
• Review the 'Essay' area of the Academic writing and presentingLinks to an external site. Links to an external site.section in the Student Hub. The Student Hub contains a wide range of useful Study resourcesLinks to an external site., including guides on submitting assignmentsLinks to an external site. and ReferencingLinks to an external site. (this includes guidelines on how to cite and reference ACARA and EYLF).