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Assessment: Care Plan:
As a Social worker you will undertake assessment of client's care needs and make a care plan. Pretend you are a social worker employed in SA Health Regional health services network. Your role is to provide social work services to older people either admitted to a hospital or living in the community. Your task is to assess the care needs and prepare a care plan for Antonia (Italian women). While doing this, you will critically analyse their current socio, economic and political situation and apply knowledge, values and theoretical frameworks learnt previously in social work program and in the current course in making assessment of care needs and developing care plan.
Case Study
Antonia is a 78 years old Italian female married to Marvik, 82 years old. They have been living together for the last 35 years in a regional town in South Australia. Antonia and Marvik have two children, a boy Chris and daughter Margaret, they both are settled interstate. Chris and Margaret visit their parents once in a year during Christmas.
The couple lives on limited income on government pension. Marvik is retired for the last 15 years. He worked as a mechanic before however, left it after he sustained a physical injury during work. Antonia looked after the household until recently. She liked cooking and baking. Marvik would manage shopping and travel in the town for social needs. Marvik is becoming frail now and having mobility issues and thus needs assistance for shopping and travel.
Antonia has been disoriented, forgetful and wandering in her neighbourhood for the last two years. She becomes agitated if she is unable to find her objects. She is refusing to visit the doctor to discuss her agitated behaviour and forgetfulness. The couple has been fighting often as Antonia would not maintain the household and show outbursts if questioned. Marvik is having safety concerns and unable to leave her unattended. They have a few friends in the town who provide assistance if called.
Her condition has worsened recently where she went missing for a couple of hours causing anxiety to Marvik. Antonia was located by the local police and brought to the hospital. Antonia has reverted to Italian language and at times would not respond in English. Besides this, she is also having high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes and is on medication.
The multidisciplinary team at the hospital has discussed her case in the morning allocation meeting and assigned her for social work assessment. You are part of the multidisciplinary team and your task is to make an assessment of her care needs and develop a care plan.
Assessment Task
1. Briefly explain the ongoing issues for the client and her family in this case scenario and assess their current situation.
2. Briefly discuss the 'Actively ageing framework' and implement the framework to make care needs assessment.
3. Develop three care goals and strategies to achieve these goals and determine how the goals will be measured.
4. Explain theoretical knowledge/perspectives that would guide you to understand the client case? Choose at least two theories and explain how do they inform your practice?
5. Discuss and apply current aged care policy, reforms, and legislations to develop the care plan.
6. Critically analyse ethical issues and ethical considerations that might be there in the decision-making process.
7. Reflect upon family carer’s needs and family members' decision to provide care.
8. Identify need for advocacy in this case situation and how could it be pursued?
Please Note
The assessment criteria and weightage assigned to different aspects of this assessment is listed in the feedback sheet.
Structure of Paper: You could use the questions as headings to structure your care plan.
Additional Requirements
Minimum 10-12 references and use APA convention of referencing
Academic writing with adherence to formatting requirements: Font size 12 Times New Roman with 1.5 spacing and text justified, insert page numbers and a margin of 2.5 cm. Headings are allowed.
The total word limit of 2250 (plus or minus 10%) are acceptable. Markers will only mark to the word limits, i.e. maximum word count 2500 words.
Please make sure that you have read the assignment feedback sheet before you begin your assignment. The feedback sheet indicates which aspects of this assignment require the most attention and carry the heaviest weighting. Feedback on this assignment will only be provided on the Feedback sheet.