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That my assignments file
1000 formal report with report structure ( introduction, main body, conclusion and reference page)
Reference in text , Harvard reference method
Dude date: 20/3/2023
Your research proposal should include the following;
Determine the area you wish to research(melasma )
Download the research proposal for from the module site and complete the following sections;that is introduction with reference, one aim , 2 subjects, rational with reference, theorical framework, literature review and themes.

1. Provide ONE clear aim
2. Provide a minimum of TWO objectives
3. Provide a detailed rationale justifying your reasons for researching the topic area of your choice.
4. Provide key themes for the theoretical framework to help structure the research.
5. Provide key terms and context, theories / models, data sources, method of evaluation and research, including beneficiaries of the research, for the topic choice matrix.
7. Focus on attention to detail, quality of work and overall academic standards.