Recent Question/Assignment

?Your report should follow an acceptable academic structure for case study reports and include:
1. Article title and authors
2. Summary of the core idea discussed by the authors (max. two pages)
3. Discussion of the following (max. two pages):
1. at least three important points raised by the authors about the problem
2. at least three important arguments/ ideas proposed to address the problem
3. at least three arguments or points where you agree/disagree with the authors with a brief explanation
4. Answers to the three questions below.
5. Refer to Note 2 on page 10 of the article, “Darktrace CEO Crowned Woman of the Year for Technology and Innovation,”, November 11, 2020. Referring to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDGS #5) opens in new window, explain why the role of women in information technology is important and how the case can be used in support of SDGS #5?
6. Look at Exhibit 4 Poppy Gustafsson: Awards and recognitions on page 16. Discuss how Poppy Gustafsson could win several awards, and what award is the most significant from your perspective? why?
7. Review Darktraces strategies explained in the case and describe how the company can use the system for competitive advantage.