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Assessment Task 1: Knowledge Q SIT40521- Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
SITHCCC030 Prepare vegetable, fruit, eggs and farinaceous dishes

1. List at least three food safety issues which you must consider when handling and cooking with eggs. Describe how you would reduce each risk. You should refer to fact sheets 1,4,5 for reference.
Fact Sheet 1 Following hygienic work practices.
• Fact Sheet 4 Managing food safety hazards and risks
• Fact Sheet 5 Safe food handling
Risk Strategy for reducing risk

2. Explain how you can reduce the risk of contaminants such as e. coli, salmonella and listeria when handling and cooking with fruit and vegetables. Provide two examples.

3. Describe three indicators which you would use to select fresh, quality fruit and vegetables.

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4. List three signs that vegetables have spoiled or have been contaminated.

5. List three signs that pasta has spoiled or has been contaminated.

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6. List the requirements for the safe storage of the following foods:
Food Storage conditions + temperature if needed
Tinned vegetables

Dry pasta and rice

Fresh pasta

Ripe pineapple


Sweet potato



7. Identify the shelf/storage life of the following foods.
Food Shelf life
Dry pasta
Cooked rice
Hard boiled eggs (in refrigerator)
Leftover meals containing egg
Fresh peas
8. Assume you have been asked to prepare a dish that contains eggs, but there has been a special customer request. There are several customers who are vegan. What can you substitute the eggs with? In your answer, include reference to egg replacers and their ingredients.

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9. Identify three precision cuts you would use when cutting vegetables.

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10. Describe four items which you should check before using a blender or food processor to prepare fruit and vegetables.

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11. Describe two things you should do when using the above equipment (blender and food processor) to ensure you work safely.

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12. Describe four mise en place tasks related to preparing vegetable, fruit, farinaceous and egg dishes that you can complete without affecting the quality of dishes.

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13. Define the following culinary terms and functions of the following words when preparing vegetable, fruit, eggs and farinaceous.
Culinary Terms Definition
• Aerating
• Enriching
• Farinaceous
• Binding
• Setting
• Julienne
• Thickening
• Crumbing/coating
• Zest
• Glazing
• Emulsifying
14. Provide three reasons why it can be beneficial to use convenience products.

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15. Describe at least one convenience product commonly used in dishes that contain fruits, vegetables, eggs and farinaceous items.
16. Discuss the difference in appearance and presentation when it comes to using frozen fruit and vegetables over fresh.
17. Discuss the difference in texture between frozen fruit and vegetables and fresh fruit and vegetables.
18. Identify two cookery methods or techniques commonly used when preparing egg dishes. Include an example of an egg dish for each method used
Cookery Method or technique Example of a dish for that method

19. Identify two cookery methods or techniques commonly used when preparing fruit and vegetable dishes. Include an example of a dish for each method used.
Cookery Method or technique Example of a dish for that method

20. Identify two cookery methods or techniques commonly used when preparing farinaceous dishes. Include a description of how each method is used.
Cookery Method or technique Example of a dish for that method

21. List three sauces commonly used with vegetable dishes.

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22. List three sauces commonly used with pasta dishes.

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23. List three accompaniments commonly served with pasta dishes.

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24. Read the 3 scenarios described below in the box.
Today’s date is 30/07/2022. You have received several items. You are required to explain the following statements:
• Describe what information would be on the stock date/label for each of the product.
• List the expected expiry date/ and/or shelf life left according to each of the product.
• Explain the action taken for each situation: either the storage condition (temperature included) or disposal process.

Today is 30/07/2022 Supplies
What information would be on the stock date code/label? If any/or freshness signs when fresh What would be the expected expiry date? Shelf life? Explain the action taken: either the storage conditions or disposal process.
Delivery date

Delivery date 25/07/2022
A10 tin peaches

Delivery date is 25/07/2022
1 dozen of egg

Production date is today 30/07/2022
Freshly made fettuccine