Recent Question/Assignment

This is the format for this assignment. This is what I wrote so far, but as you can see, more information is needed. I gave the test; it came from the textbook that is listed here. I have attached a copy of the results. I need a report written based on the information below.
Everywhere you see these question marks ???? this means I need you to supply that information.
Goals for this session: To administer Robert the Reading Inventory Test 10: Graded Word List (GWL) to assess his independent, instructional, and frustrating reading levels. Also, to determine which level to Robert will begin reading the Reading Passages section of the informal reading inventory.???????
Assessments Administered: ?????????
Bibliographic Information: Shanker, J.L., & Cockrum, W.A. (2019). Ekwall/Shanker Reading Inventory (7th ed.). Boston: Pearson.
Assessment Results: ????????
Summary of data analysis (based on THIS session and on grade level benchmarks and/or standards): What CAN the student do, based on this session’s data findings? What does the student NEED in order to be ON or ABOVE grade level (be specific)?
Based on Robert’s results from Test 10, Graded Word List (GWL) assessment. ????????