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“While being a good researcher requires openness and curiosity, it also requires a thoughtful and precise plan” (Hurston, 1942).
Qualitative research design is concerned with establishing answers to the ‘whys’ and ‘how’s’’ of the phenomenon in question. The purpose of a research design is to
provide a plan of study or approach to ensure the data obtained data can inform the research question. Without an organized research design, the findings may be questionable.
Craft a research design graphic that appropriately represents your chosen research topic. Be sure your graphic is organized in a logical manner and provides justification behind each component. Your graphic should be attractive, utilizing tables, textboxes, images, illustrations, diagrams, etc., to adequately represent the following components:
? Research problem/purpose
? Research questions
? Research approach
o narrative, phenomenological, grounded theory, ethnography, or case study.
? Data collection methods
? Philosophical assumption(s)
o ontological, epistemological, axiological, or methodological.
? Interpretative framework(s)
o Post-positivism, social constructivism, transformative, postmodern perspectives, pragmatism, feminist theories, critical theory and critical race
theory, or queer theory.
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Hurston, Z. (1942). Dust tracks on a road: an autobiography. London: Hutchinson & Co.
course resource Book has to use in references..:
:Field, Andy. (2018). Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS
Statistics (5th ed.). Sage Publishing. ISBN: 9781526436566.
SPSS Gradpack 28