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The senior management team at Constrained Hydrocarbons has brought down the choice of location for expansion to Malaysia. The CEO of the company has assigned you to provide a comprehensive country analysis of Malaysia . You need to prepare a report containing a detailed country analysis. Your analysis should focus on the external environment- political, economic, and social dimensions of the country with respect to the oil and gas industry.
Consider the following questions while working on your report:
1. What is your assessment on the political, economic, and social risks of Malaysia? 2. What is your assessment on the legal, fiscal, and regulatory environment of malaysia? Are these likely to change in near future?
What is your assessment on the competitive environment of the oil and gas industry in malaysia? Is the environment conducive for expansion?
What is your assessment on the commercialisation prospect of this expansion? Are the transportation infrastructure, access, tariffs, and other distortion conducive for such an investment? Your final project should be about 2,500 words. The essay should be written in an MS Word document in a normal journal format, that is, starting off with an introduction, to be followed by the body and ending off with a conclusion. with references

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