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Essay on
Lack of Legal Protection on the Environment in Relation to the Economic
Development in the Small Island Developing States (SIDS).
Referencing: OSCOLA
Footnotes and bibliography to be included.
Could include tables, figures, statistics, images etc to support the discussions.
Topic 1:
Laws and Policies on Environmental Protection in Small Island Development States
Words: 2,000
• Describe key environmental issues in relation to the developments in these countries
• Analyze and discuss applicable internal laws and policies on environmental protection
for SIDS (discuss this issue on a couple of developing countries/island states).
Discuss laws and policies established in the SIDS countries.
Topic 2:
Words: 2,500
Discuss the effectiveness of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) for the
development projects in the SIDS.
• In some developing countries, EIAs are usually done as a formality; state (s) may not
do any monitoring during and after the project implementation. Does the state, the
respective agency such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or the applicable
authorities carefully screen or review the EIAs before approving them?
Topic 3:
Words: 2,500
Discuss Foreign Investment Policies and their relation with environmental protections.
(you may select some countries from SIDS).
• Discuss State duties and responsibilities etc. Include examples, case laws, etc. The
researcher should analyze and compare countries that have better laws and policies vs
weaker laws and policies in terms of environmental protection in relation to
developments/foreign investments projects etc. There are instances caused due to state
negligence as most developers would only think about their investment and profit
making. Not all investors would be concerned about the environment when
implementing FDIs in these SIDS.
Researchers should talk about compromising the environment for the benefit of development
in these developing states. Such as cutting down trees, reclamation of lands, lack of due
diligence during the project implementation, etc.
• Analyses the FDIs and their correlation between the environment and the state’s duty
to protect the environment and the investments or investors.
Topic 4:
Words: 1,500
Gaps and disincentives exist in the policies, laws, and regulations that act as barriers to
investing in climate adaptation in the SIDS.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 12188 words including References

Title: Essay on Lack of Legal Protection on the Environment in Relation to the Economic Development in the Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

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