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Course: Concurrent Programming
Module: CD
Semester: Semester I
Assignment Number: 2 Threads, Locks and Semaphores
Date of Title Issue: 17th Nov 2022
Assignment Deadline: 1st Dec 2022
Assignment Weighting: 15/60
Please state the assignment title / brief. Please specify details such as: Answer the questions on the accompanying sheet.
Learning Outcomes
Please state the programme and related module learning outcomes that this assignment is assessing. 1,2,4, 5,6
Assessment Criteria
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• Correctness of the work.
• Presentation, including compliance with the specified file format.
• Evidence of critical thinking and analysis.
• Originality, quality and thoroughness of the work.
• Research correct academic approach.
• Proper treatment of sources.
• Demo of code will be in lab, failing to show work in lab receive deduction of 50% of total assignment grade.
Upload the answer as a multiple java file ONLY.
Academic Dishonesty: All of your assignments need to represent your own effort. Assignments should be done without consultation with other students and you should not share your source code with others. Any assignment submitted that is essentially the same, as someone else’s will not be accepted. ALL matching assignments will receive 0 credits.
Your task is to simulate of college and classrooms: There are four kinds of threads: students, visitors, monitor and a one Lecturer per classroom. students must wait to enter classroom if class is running, enter, and then sitDown. At some point, the Lecturer enters the classroom. When the Lecturer is in the classroom, no one may enter, and the students may not leave. visitors may leave. Once all students check in, the Lecturer can StartLecture. After some time, the Lecturer leaves and all students can leave.
To make these requirements more specific, let’s give the threads some functions to execute, and put constraints on those functions.
• students must invoke enter, sitDown, and leave.
• The Lecturer invokes enter, startLecture and leave.
• visitors invoke enter, sitDown and leave.
• While the Lecturer is in the classroom, no one may enter and students may not leave.
• The Lecturer cannot startLecture until all students who have entered have also sitDown.
• At any point of time any classroom may have only one lecturer.
• Classroom capacity should not exceed limit. Visitors are always low in count (less than 5).
• Add a monitor thread to keep printing the status of each class as follows
Simulate a college with few classrooms
{W201 (capacity 60), W202(capacity 60), W101 (Capacity 20), JS101 Capacity (30)} and lecturers {Osama, Barry, Faheem, Alex, Aqeel, Waseem} that circulate between classes.
Hints: Lecturer can use a binary semaphore to access classroom so one lecturer in class at any time students and visitors can use counted semaphores to access classroom. You can use locks, barriers, semaphores.
The running of the program should show something like the table below, that is updating every 2 seconds
Classroom Lecturer InSession Students Visitors
W201 Osama True 50 3
W202 Alex True 55 1
JS101 Faheem True 15 0
W101 False
W201 Waseem True 54 5
W202 Aqeel True 43 2
W101 Osama True 18 1
JS101 Barry True 25 2