Recent Question/Assignment

For this assignment, please read SHRM 2020 Employee Benefits: The Evaluation of Benefits. After you have read pages 1-16 chose an area of benefits to focus your paper on and then answer the questions below.
Benefit Plans to choose from (choose 1):
• Wellness
• Leave
• Healthcare
• Retirement
• Flexible work and Work-life
• Professional development
After choosing one of the benefit offerings above and researching that offering, write a 4-5 page paper answering the following questions:
1. Based on your research explain how this selected benefit offering impacts both the employee and the employer. (1 page)
2. Based on your research, what trajectory can we expect this benefit offering to make over the next 5 years? (i.e. what changes can HRM professionals expect or what must HRM professionals do to keep up with these changes?). (1 page)
3. What types of benefit plans exist for your benefits offering? Research at least two companies and describe how they utilize this benefit offering for their employees. (1-2 pages)
4. Discuss your experience from a previous employer(s) regarding your selected benefit offering (.5-1 page)
5. Discuss one creative idea that HR Managers could introduce regarding your selected benefit offering that would benefit the employees without being too much of a financial burden for the employer. (.5-1 page)
Don’t forget that all major and minor research papers require APA 7th formatting