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3B: Group Presentation: (15%) Due date: Weeks 11 – 12
Each group will present their Community Development project idea / proposal to an NGO panel who will evaluate your proposal in a role play. The class will play the role of the panel and will give you brief feedback on your proposal and rate your project from 1-10 (10 being the best).
The best proposal will receive the funding of $10,000 a year for 2 years (in theory).

In your presentation, your group will first briefly overview your project and then discuss how you will monitor and evaluate your project as well as how you propose make your project sustainable after the funding has ceased in 2 years. Remember, Community Development is not about one-off events, or short-term projects. It is about strengthening communities, building capacity, addressing social injustice and empowerment.
Your presentation must:

· Outline your project in brief: it’s Aim, Outcomes and proposed Strategies to address needs and concerns - do not present the program plan. The presentation is an overview and you are describing how this project will support and address the needs of your target group through it’s activities.
· Outline how you will monitor and evaluate the project
· Discuss your ideas on how you can ensure that the project you have designed will continue after the funding has ceased. How can you engage the participation of the wider community during the project in order to help sustain the project.
Pls upload the powerpoint into moodle in a pdf format.
Community Development is an innovative and dynamic process. When you’re putting your presentation together, ‘think out of the box’ and come up with some creative ideas of how you could make sure your project is engaging, relevant and sustainable.

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