Recent Question/Assignment

What will you leave behind? In this unit, you learned how archaeologists and historians can use everyday objects that were left behind to learn about past civilizations. For example, we know of the importance of cats in Egyptian civilization through the discoveries of sculptures of cats found in tombs or in excavating dwellings from ancient Egypt.
For this project, you will be playing the role of an archaeologist who is digging up your room 1000 years in the future. Imagine that there are no records of your civilization or its technologies and the archaeologist must piece together what life was like for you using just three items from your room.
You will be writing a 500 word paper that analyzes these three items from the perspective of that future archaeologist. Choose your three items carefully and make sure they are objects that could be used in archaeology to learn about life in the 21st century
Your task for this assignment is to write a 500 word essay in MLA format narrating the discovery of your room and three items in it from the perspective of a future archaeology living 1000 years in the future.
• Be written in MLA format with an introduction, 3 body paragraphs (each of which analyze one of your items) and a conclusion.
• Demonstrating your understanding of how archaeologists process and analyze objects from the past to learn about ancient cultures.
• Analyze different aspects of our culture using your selected objects such as economics, religion, societal values, culture, levels of technology, etc.
• Include creative thinking and reasoning to demonstrate what each object tells about our civilization.
• Describe how the archaeologist could use these items to learn about you personally. For example, discovering make-up and a hair brush might demonstrate that the person dedicated a lot of time toward their appearance.
• Include images of each of the three items you selected.