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Programme Name Bachelor of Business Administration (ODL)
Course Name Principles of Accounting Course Code ACC1014
Session/Semester Aug 22
Course Leader Name Nur Shafiqa Kapeli Assessment Type Individual Assignment
Internal Verifier
Name Noorhidayah binti Salehhudin Dean / Head of School Name Dr Syriac
Student Name Student ID
Student’s declaration
I hereby certify that this assignment is my own work and where materials have been used from other resources, they have been properly acknowledged. I also understand I will face the possibility of failing the module if the content of this assignment is plagiarized.
Signed: ________________________ Date: _________________
Feedback/Feedforward given by Lecturer (Feedback to be provided within 2 weeks of deadline) Feedback received by Student: Comments by student:
Coursework policies
1. All coursework submitted must include the signed coversheet
2. Students MUST keep a copy of all submitted work for reference purposes prior to the original being handed in and returned. This will provide proof that the work was completed, in the event that the work goes astray.
3. All work must be submitted in the mode instructed by the Course Leader.
4. Work submitted under the student’s ID must only be the work of that student. All information sources must be acknowledged, by providing a reference to the source both within the text and in the form of a reference list and/or bibliography at the end of the submission. Not to do so is plagiarism, which is academic misconduct and will be dealt with as set out in the rules and regulations of MAHSA University.
5. You should provide your word count at the end of your report or essay. This should exclude your abstract, contents page, reference list and/or bibliography and appendices. You must not exceed the permitted word count by more than 10%. If your work is significantly shorter, you will probably have failed to provide the level of content required.
6. If you submit work after the submission deadline, you will fail in the coursework component. However, the Course leader may comment on the quality of the work for learning purposes. The only exception to this is if you experience very serious circumstances which prevented you submitting your work on time, in which case you can apply for “extenuation”. For more information you may refer to your lecturer.
7. You must Turnitin your report. The maximum permitted level of Similarity index is 30%. But ensure that a single or a few sources do not contribute to this 30%.
Grading Criteria Used to Assess Work
80-89 A 4.00 (3.75)
75-79 A- 3.67 (3.75) CREDIT
70-74 B+ 3.33
65-69 B 3.00
60-64 B- 2.67
55-59 C+ 2.33 PASS
50-54 C 2.00
45-49 C- 1.67 MARGINAL FAIL
40-44 D+ 1.33 FAIL
35-39 D 1.00
30-34 E 0.67
30 F 0.00

Rubric for Written Report
4 3 2 1 Total
Overall effectiveness of
communication The writer’s decisions about focus,
style/tone, and content made reading a
pleasurable experience.
Writing could be used as a model of how to
fulfill the assignment. The purpose and focus of the writing are clear
to the reader and the organization and
content achieve the
purpose well. Writing follows all
requirements for the assignment The writer has made good decisions about
focus, organization, style/tone, and content to
communicate clearly and effectively. The
purpose and focus of the writing are clear
to the reader and the organization and
content achieve the purpose well.
Writing follows all requirements for the assignment. The writer’s decisions about focus,
style/tone, and/or
content sometimes
interfere with clear, effective
communication. The
purpose of the writing is not fully achieved. All requirements of the assignment may not be fulfilled. The writer’s decisions about focus, organization,
style/tone, and/or
content interfere with communication. The
purpose of the writing is not achieved. Requirements of the assignment have not been fulfilled.
Clarity of writing Writing flows smoothly from one idea
to another. The writer has taken pains to
assist the reader in
following the logic of the ideas expressed.
Sequencing of ideas within paragraphs and transitions between
paragraphs make the
writer’s points easy to
follow Sentences are structured and word are chosen to
communicate ideas
clearly. Sequencing of ideas within
paragraphs and
transitions between
paragraphs make the writer’s points easy to follow. Sentence structure and/or word choice
sometimes interfere
with clarity. Needs to
improve sequencing of
ideas within paragraphs and transitions between paragraphs to make the writing easy to follow. Sentence structure, word choice, lack of transitions and/or
sequencing of ideas
make reading and understanding difficult.
Demonstration of knowledge Demonstration of full knowledge of the subject with
explanations and elaboration Writer is at ease with content and able to
elaborate and explain to some degree. Writer is uncomfortable with
content. Only basic concepts are
demonstrated and interpreted. No grasp of required subject matter. No understanding of
major issues. No
interpretation of results
Flow of information Information is presented in a logical,
interesting way, which is easy to follow. Information is presented in a logical manner, which is easily followed. Work is hard to follow as there is very little continuity. Sequence of information is
difficult to follow. No apparent structure or continuity.
Format & Aesthetics Report format is consistent throughout including heading
styles, fonts, margins, white space, etc. Report format is generally consistent. Many departures from required report format. Work fails to follow required report format.
Style Writing is free of errors in grammar,
capitalization, spelling.
Follows standard organizational style. Writing is generally error-free. Standard
style is generally
followed. Minor errors may be present Writing has some errors but these are not too distracting. Style is not followed consistently Errors are frequent and distracting.
Journal paper style is not followed.
References Reference section complete,
comprehensive and follows required format. Minor inadequacies in references or
inconsistencies in format Inadequate list of references or failure to follow required format No referencing system used.
TOTAL 0/28
1. Assignment Title: Written Report
2. Course Learning Outcome (CLO):
• Apply systematically the basic principles, concepts and assumptions of accounting in the preparation of a Trial Balance.
• Describe the techniques of double-entry system to analyse accounting transactions and posting the entry into the accounting journals and ledgers.
3. Scenario/Introduction/Background Information:
Razak is a student majoring in business at a local university who plans to open a convenience store, ECO, after completing his studies. In order to achieve that dream, Razak gradually searched for business funds and, in the process, learned the ins and outs of running a business.
You, as a friend with accounting knowledge, become Razak's point of reference for matters related to business financial management.
4. Tasks:
Written report
You are required to help Razak by providing explanations for the following matters:
1. Accounting processes
2. Accounting cycles
3. Accounting concepts. Please provide explanation on the following concepts:
a. Objectivity
b. Relevance
c. Going concern
d. Separate entity
e. Accounting period
4. Recording of accounting information, by focusing on double entry system and source of documents and books of prime entry. To ensure that Razak understands the process of recording accounting information, you are required to give three examples of business transactions and the process of recording those transactions into the journal and ledger.
5. Information Sources:
Reference Books
1. Wood, F. And Sangster, A. (2015), Business Accounting 1, 13th Edition. Pearson.
2. Bazley, M., Hancock., P. and Porter., S., (2012), Financial Accounting: A Conceptual Approach, Cangage LearningAustralia..
6. Instructions to Students:
Structuring and formatting your submission Your report should contain the following:
• Title Page, including the given title in full.
• Contents Page
• Introduction
• Main body, which should be organised into numbered sections under appropriate headings.
• Conclusion
• Appendices, which should be numbered.
• Reference list/Bibliography
• Word count; excluding the Abstract, Contents page, appendices and reference list/bibliography
• Please use the cover page provided by the lecturer
• Its compulsory to Turnitin your work
• Please adhere to Harvard referencing. For details refer to or
Formatting the report
• The report should be word processed on A4 size paper with 12 font size, Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing.
• Pages should be numbered.
• Your name should appear only on the cover page.
• Your student ID(s) should be included on every page as a header
Outcome – Assessment Mapping