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2250 words minimum
Minimum 10 references, including the required ones
Need the document Sunday night, Australia time
TOPIC: The cultural construction of grief across a number of different cultures. (Indonesia, Australia and Japan)
Needs to be submitted Sunday 13th. (Australian Central Daylight Time Zone)
• Introduction
• Structure
• Substance (Have you substantiated your argument with examples and references)
• Sources (Course material and anthropological sources)
• Defines key concepts used (with anthropological sources)
• Critical thinking
• Originality
• Ethnographic sources and examples
• Referencing
• Relevance with Anthropology
- Dont write an essay that fits in another discipline. For example, to write a research project that just examines prevalence rates of emotional disorders around the world. Nor do I want an essay that only draws on material from neuroscience, for example.
- Don’t use very broad terms like “Western” and “Eastern” culture – be specific & evidence-based & think critically.
- Dont make meaningless comparisons between multiple cultures where the answer is simply that people do things differently.
- Use of Ethnographic sources (Bonus marks for including ethnographic examples in the essay)
Use at least one or two of these references:
- Beatty, A. 2013. Current Emotion Research in Anthropology: Reporting the Field. Emotion Review, 5 (4): 414-422.
- Lutz, C. A. 1986 Emotion, thought and estrangement: emotion as a cultural category. Cultural Anthropology 1(3): 287-309.
- Throop, J. 2015. Ambivalent happiness and virtuous suffering. Hau, Journal of Ethnographic Theory 5 (3): 45-68.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2420 words including References

The cultural construction of grief across a number of different cultures. (Indonesia, Australia and Japan)

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