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R assignment for Marketing Research MKGT3030
Please analyze corresponding databases, and answer each of the questions below by providing your R code and results of your R code. 100 marks in total.
Please submit your work through Black Board with your CLASS SESSION, NAME and STUDENT ID on top.
Questions1-3 are based on chap4 data rintro-chapter4.csv, Questions4-5 are based on chap5 data rintro-chapter5.csv. Please go to to download the relevant data. Or using online data through (- for chapter 4 data and (- for chapter 5 data.
1. What is the customer age, online spend, store spend distribution (min, mean, median, max)? Plot a histogram for age, make more age groups by using “break” (20 marks)
2. Plot age vs online spend and age vs store spend (15 marks)
3. What is the correlation for age vs online spend and age vs store spend? Are they statistically significant? (20 marks)
4. What is the average income by different gender? Do a box plot and t-test on income by gender. (20 marks)
5. Does income increase as people aging in general? Explore the relationship between age and income by using scatterplot and add a regression line from a linear model. What is the correlation? (25 marks)