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Critical reflection
Due Date: November 12
For this task, you must submit 4 reflective written pieces, using Gibbs cycle of reflection for each, that reflect your leadership learning during this semester.
Please follow gibbs reflective cycle module/formatt for this task: Your journal entries must demonstrate engagement with leadership, and there is a requirements to use the academic leadership literature to support your reflections.
You must include the following reflection:
1st reflection: (400 words)
a reflection on your leadership philosophy i.e (person centre care)
2nd reflection: (400 words)
-a reflection on how your leadership practice can address the following domain within the Code of Conduct for Nurses: Practice safely, effectively and collaboratively (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2018)
3rd reflection: (400 words)
Reflection on conventional leadership theory in nursing:
4th reflection: (400 words)
Reflection on Clinical leadership and risk management in practice in nursing:
(Reference: APA7 with doi)
Each extract must include a reflective analysis demonstrating how your thinking or assumptions have been challenged, what deeper insights you have gained, what questions have emerged from your reflections, and how you will apply this thinking to future professional and leadership roles. Your analysis must reflect engagement with the academic literature. Please refer to Module 6 to inform your understanding of this reflective task.
The following structure is recommended:
1.Introduction (200 words)
2.Reflective analysis( 4 reflections on 4 topic 400 words each using gibbs reflective cycle formatt)(1600 words)
3.Conclusion (200 words)
4.References (APA 7 with doi)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2654 words including References

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