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Assignment 3
ENGR9742 Systems Engineering - Semester 2, 2022 Tonsley
Assignment 3 – Designing a product
For this assignment, you will work individually. The purpose of this assignment is for you
exercise your understanding and knowledge of systems engineering principles to develop a
product of your choice.
Now, imagine that you alone have been tasked with the responsibility to design a product for
a customer. In your report, you must:
Prepare a detailed report, no more than 20, on the delivery of a successful system to your
very wealthy customer.
Your report must comply with the template provided. Consult the information regarding the
writing of a formal report, available on FLO. Identify your major contribution in the report.
Have an introduction and conclusion.
The introduction clearly explains the nature of your product.
There must be a top-level system diagram, fully annotated, and referred to in the
body of the introduction text.
Concise explanation of the application of ethics and standards throughout the testing,
integration and eventual de-commissioning of the system.
A detailed description of the Stakeholder requirements.
A clear explanation of the System Requirements.
A clear description of the Functionality analysis.
A clear explanation of the development of a suitable system architecture.
Concise application of the assignment template. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and
use of figures are appropriate. All figures are introduced in the text and their
relevance is explained.
Identify any safety issues and how they are addressed. Include discussion about any
potential undesirable emergent system-behaviour. Key assumptions and choices are
There is understanding of the importance and necessity for feedback from testing
phase that informs potential modifications to the requirements or to the
A well-developed architecture is presented. If appropriate, (mathematical) models
should be used to explore/optimise parameter settings.
There is a clear appreciation and understanding of the products potential failure
Testing and Verification of the system
Validation of the system
Factory Acceptance testing and Commissioning Process
An informative conclusion that describes the status of the system.
ENGR9742 ONC-TON-S2 + ONL-FLN-S2 2022 Systems Engineering