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Assessment 20: Individual video presentation (15%) Due Date: Week 8
You are required to complete an 8 - 10 minute PowerPornt/Vkdeo your Part 2A essay. In this presentation, you will explain:
presentation that builds on the findings ol
• The obligations of governments, organizations, and/or individuals - based on relevant human rights Instruments and legislation - to promote and protect the human rights and freedoms of your chosen group.
• The legal consequences for governments, organizations, and/or individuals who fall to abide by these human rights standards and/or laws (l.e., this relates to the question of how much the human rights Instruments or law -have teeth”), and any relevant critlquc/commcntnry
• Complexities that can arise when granting the human rights of your chosen group (l.e., when there orc conflicts between different peoples/groups human rights)
You arc to present this via video, to be submitted by the Friday of week 8.
Use APA 7 referencing. Your power point slides for your video oral presentation should include at least 5 (scholarly) journal articles or books.
The format of your power point slides will be discussed In greater detail during tutorials.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1200 words including References

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 10 slides with Speaker Notes

Title: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

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