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Assignment 4 question
Assessment - Develop a knowledge translation plan

Length: 1500 words
Task: Knowledge Translation (KT) is essential for research to achieve impact and lead to effective interventions and innovations. As per your study notes, KT can be either integrated or end-of-grant. In this assignment you will utilise an end-of-grant approach to complete the table in Part A (using information from Assignment 3) and then present the same information in essay format in Part B.
What to do:
Part A: Using the information from your research proposal assembled in Assignment 3, complete the blank End-of-grant Planning Template (from Figure 10.2) below:
The goals of the KT
External expertise
Sequence and timing
Part B: Then, using same the information that you have in the planning template, write a small (up to 1,000 word) summary in essay format - as if you were completing this section of a research proposal.
Explain how you will disseminate your research findings, including the goals of your dissemination, target audience and matching strategies.
Both parts must be completed

Preparation: To complete this assignment, you will need to use:
1) the information in the research protocol that you developed in Assignment 3 (you may have to add to some areas) and
2) the End-of-grant KT Planning Template above (which is Figure 10.2 from your study notes without the instructions)

Presentation: Present both the table (Part A) and the essay (Part B) as one word document.
The essay section should utilise the information that you have assembled in the End-of-grant KT planning template and both parts should meet the assessment criteria listed below.

Assessment criteria: grading matrix and the criteria below:
Criteria Marks
Part A: Table completed with appropriate information 6
Part A & B: KT impact goals identified 2
Part A: Identifies audience and other personnel who will be involved 3
Part B: Outlines the strategies that will be used for KT and matches them to the audience 10
Part B: Provides a step-by-step description of how the strategy is to be implemented. 4
Part B: Adheres to the requirements of formal academic writing, including correct grammar and spelling, logical presentation of argument, use of evidence, and referencing 5
Total 30

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1895 words including References

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