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IFN561 – 2022 S2 – Enterprise Systems Lifecycle Management – Assessment Task 3 – Individual Template
DUE DATE: Wednesday, 2 November 2022, 23:59 (Brisbane time)
Everybody to submit individually. ALWAYS check your student email for the submission receipt.
Deliverable Marks
1: Introduction
This section should provide an outline of the organisation, background of the organization, its situation (needs and threats), and objectives that the report is proposing to address. 5
2: Integration Techniques & Transition Plan
This section should outline whether there were any integration techniques used during the implementations. You need to explain the type of integration and why that approach was selected. Further, describe any potential integration techniques for the systems integration and implementation to achieve the case organisation’s goals. Regarding the transition plan, you should explain the rollout strategies for each of the new information system across the organisation. You should outline the main steps in each rollout strategy and explain whether the selected approach is the best option for each implementation and why. 12
3: Change & Risk Management
This section should outline the risks involved in the sourcing strategy selected above, installing and implementation of the new system, and outline the approaches that are taken to manage those risks. You also need to propose a change management strategy. 12
4: Service Management & Continuous Improvement
Use the ITIL Service Lifecycle Process Model to briefly describe the service strategy, design, transition, and operation of the case organisation. In this regard, describe any incidents and problems that occurred and/or might occur in the case organisation, and explain how event management can help deal with the incidents/problems. Then, focus on request fulfilment and outsourcing, as well as continual service improvement, where you should focus on the 7-step improvement process. In this regard, analyse how one technology trend (choose from enterprise blockchain, IoT, cyberphysical system, cloud computing, etc.) can help to achieve the goals more efficiently. 16
5: Conclusion
This section summarises the key findings from the previous sections and may be numbered here for clarity. Relate your conclusion to the objectives of the report and arrange your points logically so that major conclusions are presented first. 3
6: Written Presentation
Assignment is cohesively written in a very clear format. Very few grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Your in-text citations and reference list are all present and correctly formatted in APA style. 2

Deliverable 1: Introduction (5 marks)
(250 – 500 words +/- 10%)

Deliverable 2: Integration Techniques & Transition Plan (12 marks)
(600 – 1200 words +/- 10%)

Deliverable 3: Change & Risk Management (12 marks)
(600 – 1200 words +/- 10%)

Deliverable 4: Service Management & Continuous Improvement
(16 marks) (800 – 1600 words +/- 10%)

Deliverable 5: Conclusion (3 marks)
(150 – 300 words +/- 10%)

Deliverable 6: References (and overall written presentation)
(2 marks) (at least 10 references)

Appendix (if any)
(End of document)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 4009 words including References

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