Recent Question/Assignment

Design Assignment – to be submitted in Week 12
You must prepare a report on the calculations and the methodology that you followed in answering the following problems. Please check the marking rubric for this.
1)Two parallel shafts with 100mm centre distance are to be connected by module = 5, and pressure angle 20° spur gears providing a velocity ratio of -3.0. (a) Determine the pitch diameters and numbers of teeth in the pinion and gear. (b) Determine whether there will be interference when standard full-depth teeth are used. (c) Determine the contact ratio. Draw this is in CAD software and show that there is interference when standard full-depth teeth are used. Show also that after modification of addenda, there is no interference. Both scenarios (with and without interference) must be shown in animation and a 3D printed model should be presented. Animate the gears as though they are being driven by a motor and establish that the velocity ratio is correct.
2) A metallic structure to be used has the following geometry, dimensions, loading conditions and supports:

The loading conditions provided were determined with acceptable certainty
The environmental conditions can be considered reasonably constant.
Low weight is not a compulsory requirement for the structure.
1.) Determine the loads acting on each one of the elements of the structure
2.) Determine the critically loaded cross- section
3.) Determine the critically stressed element of the cross section
4.) Select a geometry for the cross section of each part
5.) Select a suitable Safety Factor for the element
6.) Select a suitable material
7.) Determine the area of the material
8.) 3D-Print the structure by parts (Consider how to assemble it)
Note: the hinged connection and supports are not to be considered in the calculations! Only for the assembly of the structure and the 3D modelling.