Recent Question/Assignment

Individual assignment and presentations
Supply Chain Management
The assessment consists of an individual report and a presentation. Instructions for both assessments are below. Pay attention to the assessment marking rubric provided after the question.
A. Individual Report: 50 marks
For a chosen industry/business write a research report answering the guiding questions below. The report should not be longer than 2500 words (minimum 2000 words)
1. Describe the strategic positioning of the chosen industry/business related to the logistics strategy. Include various strategic partnerships they have for the supply chain and explain how strategic fit is achieved
2. For the chosen industry/business explain how logistical and cross functional drivers complement the logistic function
3. For the chosen industry/business describe the gaps between the service, what the customer expects and how the customer perceives the service when it is delivered (you may use a simple questionnaire to identify this, if necessary)
4. Find out how time-based opportunities work for the logistics function of the chosen industry/business?
5. Risks and security concerns are not stand-alone issues. Identify key risks that the chosen industry/business face and explain their responses to these risks. Also Include an explanation of how risks are continuously managed by your chosen industry/business
6. Discuss your opinions/suggestions on the distribution network for the selected industry/business
Report marking criteria
50 Knowledge and understanding
Exceptional and/or outstanding comprehension of the implications of the question and sophisticated, nuanced and critical understanding of the theoretical & methodological issues not only pertaining to the subject, but to the field as a whole
Technical vocabulary, where appropriate: accurate and exceptionally sophisticated usage Argument
A critical, analytical and sophisticated argument that is logically structured and extremely wellsupported with elements of originality
Outstanding evidence throughout of independent thought and ability to ‘see beyond the question’
Evidence of reading exceptionally widely beyond the prescribed reading list and creative use of evidence to enhance the overall argument; demonstrates the ability to synthesise appropriate principles by reference, where appropriate, to primary sources and knowledge at the forefront of the discipline Presentation
Exceptionally well presented: no grammatical or spelling errors; written in a fluent and engaging style; exemplary referencing and bibliographic formatting
Level comparable to that expected at Level M and may even be close to publishable standard.
24 Knowledge and understanding
Very good comprehension of the implications of the question and fairly extensive and accurate knowledge and understanding
Technical vocabulary, where appropriate: used with reasonable ease and success.
Very good awareness of underlying theoretical and methodological issues, though not always displaying an understanding of how they link to the question
A generally critical, analytical argument, which shows attempts at independent thinking and is sensibly structured and generally well supported
Clear and generally critical knowledge of relevant literature; use of works beyond the prescribed reading list; demonstrating the ability to be selective in the range of material used, and the capacity to synthesise rather than describe