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Professional Development Plan (PDP)
Throughout the MSHR Program, students have been engaged in a number of self-
evaluations and career exploration exercises to ideally determine what direction
or path that they would like their careers to take in the future.
For this assignment, students will be asked to construct a Professional
Development Plan that addresses the following elements:
1. An overall career goal.( Human Resources recruiter )
2. Research on the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for the position
identified in #1. This should include: competencies, years of required
experience (approximate), education as well as any other common
requirements or preferences, such as certifications.
3. A gap analysis based on your research from #2. In other words, what
KSA’s, education/certifications and/or other requirements/preferences
would you not meet today?
( I don’t have any KSA’s, no HR experience).
4. An action plan to address any of the identified gaps from #3.
This should be in a paper format and should include all resource material used,
particularly for #2

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1132 words including References

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