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Assessment 2 Requirements Critical reflexive practice - 1000 words using quality references.
Instructions of assessment: Don’t write any introduction and conclusion.
Please go through the attached presentation which we need to include in the below three points.
References – for every paragraph, there should be three references. Please go through the list of references I have attached. Atleast 5 REFERENCES should be from the list I provided and the rest can be from outside, Indian academics, etc..
Under three sections/headings
1. I am a Sikh girl by religion, so please according to my religion, you need to write the assessment. Reflect on standpoint theory and explain how Sikh values, ideas and opinions might affect others and my future practice as Social worker with indigenous and non-indigenous people…300 words
2. Reflect upon critical reflexive practice what did you learn about Aboriginal ways of knowing, being and doing and what did you learn about yourself during this process. 300 words
3. I have attached a Presentation on how to reflect on script, please read the Presentation. First we need to create a script as if you are the social worker and talking to the client and then Reflect upon the script that you created to demonstrate the skills used to engage in a conversation with a service user about their cultural background and whether they identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, critically evaluate your script, thinking about culturally responsive and strengths-based approaches to practice, assess what you did well and what you would change in the future. In each reflection consider honestly any unconscious biases, imbalances of power, privilege, racism and discrimination. 400 words
The assessment will be graded using the following criteria:
• Responded to assessment task
• Content knowledge of standpoint theory and critical reflexive practice
• Demonstrates self-awareness and the ability to self-reflect.
• Content knowledge of culturally responsive and strengths-based approaches is demonstrated
• Applied knowledge and critique
• Academic conventions have been used e.g., language used, referencing
Reference list:
Indigenous epistemology and Indigenous standpoint theory
Title: Indigenous epistemology and Indigenous standpoint theory
Author: Foley, Dennis
Journal Title: Social alternatives
ISSN: 01550306
Publication Date: 2003
Volume: 22
Issue: 1
Start page: 44 End page: 52
BOOK Our voices: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social work
Bennett, B.South Yarra, Vic.Palgrave Macmillan2013Total Pages xxiv, 255 p.
BOOK Working together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and wellbeing principles and practice
Dudgeon, P., Milroy, H. & Walker, R.2nd edition.West Perth, WA : Kulunga Research Network2014Total Pages 616
BOOK Our voices: Aboriginal social work
Bennett, B. & Green, S. [eds]2nd ed.LondonRed Globe Press2019
BOOK Aboriginal fields of practice
Bennett, B.LondonMacMillan Red Globe Press2021
ARTICLE An intercultural critical reflection model
Redfern, Helen ; Bennett, BindiJournal of social work practice36(2)2022-04-03135 – 147
VIDEO Social and Emotional Wellbeing - Indigenous point of view
Kinzel, P.2013

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1880 words including References

Reflection on Standalone Theory of Sikh Values

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