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Assessment 3: Case Study
- Execution and Evaluation
Assessment Details:
Weight: 40%
Length: 2,000 words (+/-10%)
Individual/Group: Individual
Due: Week 13, 11.59 PM (AEST), 28 October
Using a case from a Cannes Advertising Festival of Creativity winner, you are to analyse the campaign and make recommendations for the follow-up campaign.
Assessment Instructions:
You are given a short award-winning case in the sportswear category. This is the Nike: Dream Crazy case. It is the Grand Prix winner of the Cannes Creative Lions 2021. Please note, the campaign was launched in North America. See the campaign details here (need to login to WARC via your QUT account):
Nike Dream Crazy
Using the case as a starting point, you will need to conduct research and analyse the consumer insight, strategy and the big idea of the campaign and the measures of the campaign's effectiveness. Your recommendations should then detail how this strategy might be extended to Australia. You should identify Australian consumers who might be targeted or consider other platforms or change the focus of the creative idea.
There is no restriction on the structure of your report.
Some brief descriptions of the marketing criteria here. Please see detailed CRA on Blackboard.
1.0 Analysis and understanding of product and the target market (5 marks)
It is important to read the case and undertake some secondary research to understand the product and its connection with the consumers. It is worth considering past advertising approaches and competitors’ campaigns.
2.0 Evaluation of strategic approach (10 marks)
Based on your research and the case, please evaluate the strategic approach. Questions you may answer include (but are not limited to):
• Is the strategy really a strategy? Or a tactic?
• Based on your interrogation of the case, is it the best strategy? Why or why not?
• Does it reflect the consumer insight?
• Is anything done well? Or could be done better?
3.0 Analysis of the Big Idea and Execution (10 marks)
For this criterion, you may answer questions such as:
• Does the big idea come from the strategy? And capture the consumer insight?
• How well does the execution embody the creative strategy?
4.0 Creative Recommendations (10 marks)
Based on your analysis, offer creative recommendations for the next campaign in Australia. If your analysis of the existing campaign is favourable in the Australian market, your recommendations may be an extension of the current campaign. Your recommendations might also be something entirely different. No matter what approach you take, your recommendations must be based on your research and analysis.
5.0 Communication (5 marks)
This includes your rationales and reasons why your ideas are the best solution. This mark also includes your referencing and any spelling or grammatical errors.
References: All research sources should be clearly identified using APA referencing and a reference list must be included at the end.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2211 words including References

Note: It is based on previous assignment

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