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Formative or Summative: Summative
Business Capabilities (AoL goals): KS (1.2), HO (2.2), PC (3.1)
Related Unit learning outcomes:
2. Develop and use the characteristics of storytelling to structure content suitable for traditional and social media.
2. Create communication tactics for traditional and social media that respond to organisational goals.
Weight: 60%
Length: 3000
Individual/Group: Individual
Due (indicative): Week 13
Develop a portfolio of communication items as specified in the list provided, based around the strategy you presented in Assignment 1. The portfolio will include a section that presents an original key message and sets out the storytelling approach (plot/s and character/s) used to guide the development of the material. It will also include content items as specified in the task sheet. You must include either a Facebook post or one for LinkedIn, as you prefer. The requirements for both are the same so there are no equity issues.
As well as the task sheet, the CRA sheet for this assignment is linked above.
When you are ready to submit your portfolio, use the link below.
This semester, our client is DV Safe Phone, a Sunshine Coast-based charity that seeks to refurbish donated mobile phones to give to agencies that work with people in domestic violence situations.
You can find out more about our client here
Make sure you have done your research into the client before the client brief in Week 5 so you can ask useful, well informed, and appropriate questions in the live session.
Here is the link to the recording of the client brief and our subsequent discussion:
Passcode: l7+Cm!@c
In summary, they are looking for donations of money or used, working smartphones from either corporates or individuals. You should therefore focus on one of the following in your portfolio:
1. Money from corporates
2. Money from individuals
3. Phones from corporates
4. Phones from individuals
To help you, here is a written summary of what DVSP require from corporates - but you can easily revise it to apply to individuals:
ABOUT US: DV SafePhone collects, repurposes and gifts mobile phones to victims of domestic violence (DV) through registered charities, safe houses and authorities serving this vulnerable community. Our Safe Phones are then provided as part of an individual's 'safe' or 'escape' plan' offering a lifeline to call for help when it is needed most. We are a locally established Sunshine Coast charity, but we service the greater Australian community. We are registered with the ACNC and authorised to phone and fundraise in all states and territories of Australia.
PROJECT PROBLEM: High volumes of broken, damaged, unusable donated mobile phones (currently 30%) - translates to high operational spend on repairs and manpower. A challenge for our limited charity budget. In 2022-2023 we are looking to reduce the volume/proportion of devices received which require extensive repairs in order to reduce delays in getting safe phones out into the hands of those in need. Alternatively, we need to dramatically increase funding to bring on more manpower to undertake repairs in a timely manner.
PROJECT SOLUTION: We see partnerships with corporates / businesses who routinely update, upgrade or discard phone fleets or stock, to be a potential part of the solution to this challenge. In the absence of phone fleets, we’d love to harness their networks and good will to donate funds to help us bring on more skilled staff to get more refurbished phones into the hands of those in need. What we don’t have yet is targeted material that can be used as part of our existing mission-driven campaigns.
PROJECT GOAL 1 - Attract TWO new Corporate Phone Fleet donors to our charity (ideally with capacity to donate 200+ good quality working mobile phones each)– during our Christmas Appeal (Nov 25-Dec 31). Note, if all are in good working order, this would translate to supporting 400 victims of domestic violence with a free safe phone and lifeline to call for help when they need it most. We can easily qualify the motivator behind the donation during our thank you calls. However, it would be good to see the students identify key performance metrics to quantify their work.
PROJECT GOAL 2 – Attract TWO new Corporate Cash Donors who are willing to donate or match fundraise with their staff to raise a total of $12,000 each during our Christmas Appeal. These funds equate to costs incurred by our charity to receive, process, test, repair and deliver 200 safe phones to agencies across Australian over the Christmas period. We can easily qualify the motivator behind the donation / fundraiser at the time of donation and/or registration to fundraise with us. However, it would be good to see the students identify key performance metrics to quantify their work.
Timeline: Nov 25-Dec 31 as part of Christmas Appeal
MediaNet is a database system that helps you search for contacts in media outlets, news publications, magazines, radio stations, and bloggers. This will be very useful for your assignments in this unit, especially the portfolio. Attached above is a guide to using this resource effectively (and a darn site better than when I tried to demonstrate it in class! ) I would offer one word of warning: when you log in using the special email and password on the Library site, the system thinks that is who you are. So when you save your lists etc., everyone who logs in using that same email will be able to see your content. It shouldn't be a problem but it is something to be aware of.