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2.5.3 Presentation and Proposal
Weight: 40%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: In scheduled tutorial time week 13 or 14
Submission: online, via Turnitin on vUWS with presentation in tutorial
Format: Proposal brief in Word format, plus oral presentation in class or via Zoom May use slides, do not use more than 3-5 visually captivating slides. Slides can be added to the word document as pictures. Includes a verbal delivery that holds the audience attention Must be delivered in a professional manner Students must submit their proposal brief on the day of their presentation.
Length: 10 min plus 1,000 words
Curriculum Mode: Presentation
Students will be asked to present their Change Management Strategy to a group Board Members’ with a submitted document brief that summarises the key elements of their strategy proposal. The presentation should clearly demonstrate the need for the change, a strategy for resource management relating to the change, an implementation plan and a process for evaluation. This assessment task builds on the previous two assessment task of this subject. Please note that the presentation may be conducted via Zoom.
Presentations will be delivered over week 13 and 14. the proposal brief must be submitted on the day of your presentation
Tatiana Kolovou (2019). Creating and Giving Business Presentations, retrieved from learning/creating- and - giving- business- presentations/introducing- your- presentation - scenario?contextUrn = urn % 3Ali%3AlyndaLearningPath%3A589dl821498ed6219e3e6c47&u=51101937
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Marking Criteria:
Criteria | High Distinction Distinction Credit Pass Unsatisfactory
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