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ENS6143 Power Systems 1
Research Assignment – Due Friday 14th of October 2022 at 17:00
The purpose of this activity is to help you:
• relate the learning experience from the class activities to industrial applications,
• connect course theory to real-world systems, and
• research new developments in the field of power systems and reflect critically on their significance to engineering practice.
Performing the tasks outlined below will help you acquire the following skills and proficiencies:
• Information skills: through finding and using technical reference information.
• Communication skills: through report writing.
• Unit specific skills: through understanding the technical and economic challenges in the Australian power systems.
• Course specific skills: through synthesizing concepts from your previous studies and using the opportunity to further research these concepts to provide a more concrete understanding of the theory.
The following resources and materials are needed to perform this activity:
• The handout and submission link provided for the activity on the Canvas site of the Power Systems 1 unit, under Assignments.
• Teaching and learning materials provided throughout the semester for the Power Systems 1 unit.
• Access to relevant public online sources.
• Feedback sought from the unit co-ordinator via email regarding your progress, based on drafts provided.
On 15 June 2022, the Australian Energy Market Operator has taken the unprecedented step of suspending the spot market for wholesale electricity across the country. You are required to
• investigate the causes and reasons behind this extraordinary step,
• investigate the current strategies adopted by Australia and one other nation to combat the causes identified,
• evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies that have been suggested for improvement,
• present the resulting information obtained in a suitably formatted report, and
• submit your report by 5pm, 14 October 2022, via Canvas, by using the plagiarismprevention service Turnitin.
The assessment of your work will be based on the individual, electronically edited (reports with scanned hand-written content will not be accepted) report you submitted.
Extensions will not be granted without reasonable ground. Please refer to the ECU Policy on Assessment for details on late submission penalties.
Do NOT use an assessment coversheet. A student declaration is now part of the submission process and coversheets impact Turnitin similarity reports.
The marks for the report are allocated according to the following criteria:
Criteria Description Marks
Structure Is there clear evidence of balance of material, well organised, in an appropriate order, and with clear links from one section to the next? 1
Writing Style Does the report use highly appropriate language and in a style that is of publishable grade? 1
Spelling and
Grammar Is the report free from spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors? 1
Figures and Tables Are they all appropriate, relevant, and clearly presented? 1
Technical Content
Criteria Description Marks
Objectives Are the objectives and scope of project clearly stated and focussed? 1
Originality, Creativity,
Independence, Critical
Thinking Is there strong evidence of original, creative and independent thought? Is there strong evidence of critical thinking and well-developed ability to marshal arguments? 2
Methodology and Outcomes Are the results and analysis of results of good quality, and derived from the use of rigorous methodology? 2
Conclusions Has the project met all the stated objectives? If not, are there valid reasons given? Are conclusions based only on the evidence presented? Are there useful recommendations given for future actions? 1
Please note that ECU students are expected to demonstrate academic integrity in their work by completing assignments honestly and with appropriate referencing. Academic misconduct can lead to serious penalties such as an assignment or unit fail, suspension and expulsion. Students may be called for an oral examination at random, and if their performance suggests an academic integrity concern, then this will definitely occur, according to the anti-ghostwriting policy. For further information about academic integrity and ECU’s policies, please visit the student academic integrity website: