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It's an academic case study report writing for 1000 words. The report writing should contain a introduction, body Paragraph, and conclusion. However, its a descriptive report and recommendation is not required. The case study report writing has two parts of question, but these questions must be structured into a report frame.
1. What key strategic changes did the new UPS CEO make that supported UPS during the pandemic?
2. What are the relevant strategic frameworks you have learned in support of the key strategic changes, and how you can apply in the case of UPS?
Mostly needs to focus on strategic frameworks, such as SWOT analysis, RBV theory, and value chain analysis.
Reference, at least five academic referencing is required (reference must be cited in the report as citation text), if possible, more. Referencing must be Harvard Western Sydney university referencing style and in alphabetic order. There are supporting documents attached herewith, please do go through them.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1191 words including References

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