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COM10007 Professional Communication Practice
Assessment: Campaign Assignment
Group: In groups of 3-4
Due Date: Check date on Canvas
Mark: 20% of assessment mark
Word Count: 1500 words
Topic: Campaign Assignment - Swinburne Club
Topic: You are a communications consultant employed by a Swinburne Club of your
choice. Swinburne University has many clubs and they need your help. Enrolment
numbers for these clubs are low and there are also new students attending Swinburne
for the first time. These clubs are running a communication campaign to increase
awareness of their club and enrolment numbers.
Each group should choose one club. There are a range to choose from but here are a few:
- Swinburne Futsal Club
- Swinburne Design Collective
- Swinburne Film & Theatre Society
- Gender Agenda
- Women in Stem
Here is a link to choose from many others:
Clubs Search (
Research should be conducted on the type of person that would be interested in joining
this club.
Each group will be marked on the following:
- Overview and history of the club.
- Who is the audience? Clearly describes target publics and how best to reach
- What are the key objectives? Are these shown as SMART objectives?
- What is the key message?
- Clearly shows the communication medium used to create awareness and increase
club numbers.
- Why is this communication medium the best to use? Choose one communication
medium from Traditional Media and one communication medium from Digital
- Consistency within communication campaign.
- Grammar, punctuation, spelling, Swinburne Harvard references and structured
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Communication mediums can be from the following:
The group must choose one Traditional Media and one Digital Media for your
communication campaign.
Traditional Media
- Rolling PowerPoint presentation for display on TV monitors around the
campus (8 slides maximum).
- Local campus radio announcement (must provide radio script and audio).
- Flier to be provided to students on campus. It must show information and not just
a logo or picture.
Digital Media (these must be created, no mock-ups)
- Tik Tok Videos (minimum of 2 videos, maximum of 3 videos).
- Facebook page (must include home page and 2 other posts with content).
- Twitter promotional messages and images over a three-week campaign. You need
to have enough content to go over 3 weeks.
- Instagram promotional messages and images over a three-week campaign. You
need to have enough content to go over 3 weeks.
- YouTube video (less than 1 minute).

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1997 words including References

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