Recent Question/Assignment

You are to write an individual essay of minimum 2000 and maximum
3000 words - plagiarism free with a minimum of 5 references (Harvard referencing)
XYZ is a software company with its headquarters in Cleveland, USA.
XYZ is active with a subsidiary in UK and is considering a partnership in Germany, for
which some of its employees will have to be stationed there. The CEO has done a lot of
reading regarding legislation, union traditions and employment relations in UK and
Germany, being already familiar with those in UK, and has been to both countries on
several occasions.
Prior to making a decision as to whether to expand a subsidiary in UK or establish a partnership
in Germany, for which employees will have to be sent there from either the USA or UK, the CEO
and CFO require pertinent information about employment relations in UK and Germany. It
therefore also needs to compare labour conditions in UK and US,
and employment relations in both countries, realizing that since Brexit the two countries no longer
follow the same regime. The Board of XYZ is careful with its reputation, as it has been in a conflict
with unions in the US over labour conditions in its facilities there and it wants to avoid such
conflicts in Germany. Further damage to its reputation from its activities outside of the USA needs
to be avoided.
The Board of the company also intends to move some employees from the USA to the UK and
You are tasked to:
1. Analyse all three jurisdictions the UK, the US and Germany – reviewing parties to
employment relations, including trade unions, business partners, collective bargaining and
the role of the state
2. Advise whether the CEO should opt for either expanding in UK or establish a new branch
in Germany –provide detailed analysis about both countries in relation to labour conditions
and the compatibility with XYZ’s operations, but making a clear choice which country either
UK or Germany, the CEO should choose in the end. You are required to justify your choice
with logical argumentation.
3. Explain and discuss the ramifications /effects for employees moving from the USA to UK
or Germany, and possibly moving from UK to Germany (analysing and discussing each
country separately, discussing legal conditions, union traditions and employment relations.