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MGN565 Consulting and Change Management
Semester 2 2022
Case Study and Change Implementation Plan
Learning Outcomes Unit Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 3 and 4 and AOL goals: KS (1.2), HO (2.1, 2.2), PC (3.1), SEG (5.1)
Assessment Type Individual Report
Length 2500
Weighting 50%
Due Date Friday 28 October 2022 by 11.59pm AEST
How to Submit Blackboard
In accordance with university policy, failure to upload your assignment to Blackboard by the due date or without an approved extension will result in a grade of 1, or 0%.
This assignment follows on from Assignment 1 by expanding your chosen implication into a case study and assesses your ability to draw on discipline knowledge to investigate a real-world consulting and change issue. The case study also requires a consideration of ethical issues associated with consulting and change. It provides you with an opportunity to identify the change needed to achieve your identified implication. You will develop relevant change goals and an implementation plan guiding how to achieve the desired future state. By the end of this task you will have produced a practical change mananagement plan which you can use as a guide in your future change management career.
Select one implication from Assignment 1 and expand it into a consulting and change management report and change implementation plan. To complete this task, you will need to consider five key elements of change:
(1) your client(s),
(2) an assessment of the current (or as is) state,
(3) specification of the desired future (or to be) state,
(4) a change vision and the design of one intervention likely to achieve the change goal or vision and,
(5) the design of an implementation plan for your chosen intervention.
1. Introduction – about 100 words
2. Case study (implication) description - about 200 words
3. Situation assessment or diagnosis – systemic assessment of what the domain (organisation, industry, or profession) would have to do today to facilitate active adaptation to environmental change within your implication scenario - about 700 words
4. Change goal or vision – in the direction of the desired future state – about 50 words
5. Optional interventions for achieving your change goal (a table is useful here) – about 500 words
6. Selection of one intervention and justification of this choice – about 200 words
7. Intervention/change plan including a graphic representation of the plan steps – about 600 words
8. Ethical implications of your proposed change or intervention plan - about 100 words
9. Conclusion – about 50 words
10. Reference list. Please use APA7 format for all referencing. See Cite-Write – refer to Studywell on the Library website
1. Format your document using a professional 11-point font and 1.5 line spacing with standard (default) borders using Word. Include your name and student number as a header or a footer (i.e., your name appears on every page) and number every page.
2. Check for any spelling and/or grammatical errors i.e., use your spell and grammar checker and ensure you use professional business language.
3. Word count – all words (excluding the title page and reference list) are included in the word count. A 10% +/- tolerance will be accepted without penalty. Please note no marks will be awarded for material in appendices. Words in tables are also counted in the word count.
4. On completion, check that you have addressed all the assessment criteria (CRA).
5. Check that you have met all of the above requirements and then submit your assignment to Blackboard.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3592 words including References

Note: This assignment is based on previous work
Topic: Woolworth

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