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Assessment 2: Creative Strategy and Ideation
Assessment Details:
Weight: 35%
Length: 1,700 words (+/-10%)
Individual/Group: Individual
Due: Week 10, 11.59 PM (AEST), 7 October
Drawing on the consumer insight that you have developed in Assessment 1, you are to solve the advertising problem by developing (1) a creative strategy statement and (2) present a big idea based on this strategy.
[Note: Assessment 1 and 2 are both linked to your chosen brand but with different purposes. The purpose of Assessment 1 is to generate consumer insight, and the purpose of Assessment 2 is to generate the big idea based on your findings in Assessment 1. Please do not mix them.]
Assessment Instructions:
Use the same sportswear brand you chose for Assessment 1.
The key questions you need to answer in this report are:
1) Where could we be?
2) How to get there?
The key deliverables are:
1) Advertising problem
2) Advertising objectives
3) Strategy
There is no restriction on the structure of your report.
Some brief descriptions of the marketing criteria below. Please see detailed CRA on Blackboard.
1.0 Advertising Problem (5 marks)
Based on your research of the product, the brand, the competition, the consumer using existing sources, what is the advertising problem that this campaign will solve? Clear actionable statement of the problem driving the need for the creative solution.
2.0 Advertising Objectives (5 marks)
Based on your advertising problem, what are you trying to achieve? List no more than three objectives that this campaign hopes to achieve. These objectives should be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and targeted.
3.0 Creative Strategy Statement (10 marks)
Based on your objectives and the consumer insight articulated in Assessment 1, you develop a creative strategy. This should be a clear, well-justified statement of what to say. It should help solve the advertising problem.
4.0 Big Idea (10 marks)
This is about your creative solution. You need to describe your big idea, but also justify it based on your insight and strategy.
5.0 Communication (5 marks)
This includes your rationales and justifications - your reasons why your strategy and big idea are the best solutions. This mark also includes your referencing and any spelling or grammatical errors.
References: All research sources should be clearly identified using APA referencing and a reference list must be included at the end.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2245 words including References

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