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Innovation Management and Digital
Tutor-Marked Assignment
July 2022 Presentation
BUS368 Tutor-Marked Assignment
This assignment is worth 18% of the final mark for BUS368 Innovation Management and Digital Transformation.
The cut-off date for this assignment is 27 September 2022, 2355 hrs.
Note to Students:
You are to include the following particulars in your submission: Course Code, Title of the TMA, SUSS PI No., Your Name, and Submission Date.
Important Note: Grading of TMA Submissions
Marks awarded to your assignment are based on the following guidelines:
1. 80% of the marks are allocated to the content of your answers:
? The marks awarded to what your answers cover depend on the extent to which they cover the key points that correctly and comprehensively address each question.
? The key points should be supported by evidence drawn from course materials and, wherever relevant, from other credible sources.
2. 20% of the marks are allocated to the presentation of your answers:
Wherever applicable, the marks awarded to how your answers are presented depend on the extent to which your answers:
? form a sound reasoning by developing those key points in a clear, logical and succinct manner;
? provide proper and adequate in-text citations and referencing to content drawn from course materials and other credible sources;
? strictly follow APA formatting and style guidelines1, in particular for:
• in-text citations and end-of-report references;
• the identification of figures and tables;
? use, wherever relevant, the specialised vocabulary and terminology commonly used in discussions about the topic(s) covered by each question;
? provide a reference or bibliography at the end of the main report;
? include the less relevant details in an Appendix;
1 You can find a short tutorial on the APA formatting and style guidelines here:
Additional details (pertaining to tables and figures) can be found here: .
BUS368 Tutor-Marked Assignment
? use sentence constructions that are grammatically and syntactically correct;
? are free from spelling mistakes; present the workings, numerical formulations and
results in a logical manner that follows the APA formatting and style guidelines;
? design and present graphs, diagrams and plots that follow the APA formatting and style guidelines;
? are highly original;
? have proper formatting, which may:
• include a properly formatted cover page;
• respect the answer length/word count set out in the assignment guidelines, if any is prescribed;
• present answers in paragraphs with proper spacing and page margins;
• include page numbers and appendices, if necessary.
BUS368 Tutor-Marked Assignment
Students need to apply essential knowledge and skills learnt in this course to address the questions, and demonstrate ability to be creative to solve problems.
Students must demonstrate written proficiency by producing a type-written report in Microsoft Word 2013 or later (*.docx) format. Any key illustrations and diagrams should be shown in the main report with proper in-text citations.
Please note that:
? Students should not include the questions in the report.
? An ability to (i) conduct proper research, provide the appropriate referencing of sources (students must provide proper in-text citations and an end-text reference list),
and (ii) demonstrate critical thinking and creativity are all essential skills that our students must develop. Hence, marks will also be awarded for good research effort and proper referencing. Refer to the following link for
more information about plagiarism and referencing.
? Fewer marks will be awarded to students who merely extract information from their reference sources without demonstration of critical analysis and creativity.
? Answers that are simply reproduced from the course materials will not be given any marks.
Problem Case Scenario
The world is deeply concerned with global warming, carbon emission and extreme weather conditions. One major contributor to these phenomena is the wide-spread use of petrol- and diesel-based motor vehicles. Many governments have introduced legislation to phase out such vehicles in favour of electric vehicles (EV) which are essentially pollution-free.
Not surprisingly, many businesses, including traditional car manufacturers, view the advent of the EV as the new gold rush era for the automobile industry. Interestingly, the first movers in EV are companies that had not even manufactured vehicles before! These include Tesla, Lucid and Apple Inc.
Tesla ( has had a head-start over all others with highly acclaimed actual Models S, Y and 3 EV cars being sold and delivered. Lucid Motors ( has only recently started to deliver its Lucid Air. Even the computer and mobile phone appliance giant Apple Inc is attempting to penetrate this industry with its highly rumoured Apple Car (
Traditional car manufacturers are not sitting idle either, though there seems to be more marketing talk than action in their EV product space. A few had made some faint attempts.
These include less eye-catching EV models such as the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, BYD E5, Hyundai Ioniq and the recently introduced Toyota BZ4X. None had been able to make a big impact.
BUS368 Tutor-Marked Assignment
Nevertheless, many motor analysts expect the EV to be a disruptive change in the industry.
Although current challenges such as range anxiety and charging infrastructure remain, it is only
a matter of time when such issues are resolved and demand for EV cars reaches a dramatic
point of inflection. The days of petrol and diesel vehicles are clearly numbered.
Answer the questions that follow. Illustrations should be based on the given scenario.
Desktop research and in-text citations with the correct format are required.
Question 1
(a) Identify and describe how Tesla, Lucid and Apple are innovating their EV cars. Justify
how they are an innovation. Compare how these companies are using innovations to
differentiate their EV car products.
Word count limit: 700
(40 marks)
(b) Examine Christensen’s theory of disruptive innovation. Illustrate this theory for the
current motor car industry.
Word count limit: 500
(30 marks)
(c) Some industry observers have argued that Apple will not eventually produce the Apple
Car. Analyse why this might be so. Suggest how Apple might exploit its EV car
technologies that it would have developed. Justify your answer by relating to some
other real-world products. Relevant sources of information must be cited.
Word count limit: 500
(30 marks)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1918 words including References

Title: Innovation Management and Digital Transformation

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