Recent Question/Assignment

The student should present his/her work for each section using both text and images.
The sources can be from class lectures, assignments, etc., or from other sources. Don't forget to cite the sources.
One picture is worth 1000 words. It would be much more convincing to add one or more images along with the text. However, an image without text explaining what it is and what it is for is considered incomplete.
In the Theory section, describe each question in your own words. You are not required to write a research paper of dozens of pages. However, it is expected that you provide an in-depth discussion. For example, the student is asked to discuss the following topic: Discuss the differences between A and B. To start working on the topic, the student has to make an assumption that the audience (readers) has no idea about what is A or what is B. Please provide a discussion that shows all the relevant details or information that make the discussion complete.
Do not include the questions as this will count toward plagiarism.
Images may include screenshots for the practical sections. Don't forget to cite any images that are included.

Question 1
Discuss different types of data– structured, semi-structured, and unstructured focusing on:
o The differences between the three types
o The type of storage (block, object, OLTP, or OLAP) for each and the differences between each type of storage
· Question 2
Discuss the key differences between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
· Question 3
Explain the differences between Standard, Nearline, Coldline, and Archive storage in Cloud Storage.
o What are the differences between the four?
o How often is this type of storage accessed?
o Compare and contrast the cost: in terms of most expensive to least expensive.
· Question 4
Discuss the concepts of relational databases and non-relational databases by comparing and contrasting the two.
· Question 5
Name and discuss/define the 5 V's of Big Data.