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Title IX is about the practice of equality and protection from sex discrimination. This federal mandate was put in place to protect students attending educational institutions. Title IX of the Constitution states from the Education Amendments Act of 1972 is a federal law that states: -No person in the United States shall, based on sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program (-14th Amendment and the evolution of Title IX,- n.d.). Title IX is more than about collegiate sports. The received federal Title IX funds granted to a higher educational institution are held to a high standard to provide equality for all students and fair treatment to all genders involved in any athletic activities and educational programs that are enrolled at the institution. Other title IX infractions are unfair treatment and behavior toward an individual based upon gender, sex, gender identity, and stereotyping.
In this assignment, you are asked to review a past case. Use to select a case and answer the following questions.
What Title IX event/case did you select and why?
What was the offense?
What could have been done to prevent this situation?
Case Study Guidelines
Type the question prior to your answer. Each question should be answered in paragraph form, limited to one paragraph. Be sure to use complete sentences. Include a cover page and reference page, formatting, in-text citations, and references are to be to APA standards.
Two to three pages (excluding cover and reference page)
Use one font only—12-point Times New Roman (unless you need to use something different and larger; make the paper consistent). The title page should be the same font.
Be sure to include an in-text citation for any information that you are mentioning that is not original content and include the full reference on the reference page per APA.
You will be graded based on the rubric below.
The 14th Amendment and the evolution of title IX. (n.d.). United States Courts.,activity%20receiving%20Federal%20financial%20assistance.%E2%80%9D