Recent Question/Assignment

? WORD LIMIT - 3000
? REFERENCE - APA 7th style
? TOPIC - High-stakes testing – what are the implications for students, parents, teachers and schools? (Any two High-stakes testing of India).
? Find at least 9 articles that relate to your chosen topic and identify, evaluate and synthesise the relevant literature within this particular field.
Literature Review Should:
? Identify key literature in the field (the most significant academic and professional texts);
? Identify key terms, concepts and definitions, highlighting conflicting positions in the literature;
? Identify the most significant problems evident in the literature; • Identify what needs to be improved or changed;
? Critically evaluate the problems, theories, themes, evidence, arguments, dilemmas and controversies raised in the literature.
? Formatting Guidelines:
Although your literature review will be smaller in scale and scope, it should mimic the style and process of a more substantial formal literature review, such as would be prepared for publication in a thesis or journal, for a particular educational audience or organisation. See the Literature Review Sample.pdf Download Literature Review Sample.pdffor guidance.
¦ Ensure that your writing is clear and concise
¦ Include a title that reflects the content and focus of the review
¦ Include an introduction that sets the context and establishes the boundaries of the review i.e., what has been included (and why) and what has been excluded
¦ Include sub-headings that identify the content and focus of different sections
? Suggested Presentation Guidelines
¦ Include a title page
¦ Use Times New Roman in font size 12 throughout
¦ Include 2.5 cm margins on all sides,
¦ Use double spacing
¦ Use headings according to APA7 guidelines (
¦ Do not use dot points or lists
¦ Read the following guides to reviewing the literature:
¦ Reviewing_the_Literature_150613 [.pdf, 108 KB] Download Reviewing_the_Literature_150613 [.pdf, 108 KB] (Unitversity of Melbourne)
¦ lit-reviews-for-rx-students-v7 [.pdf, 1.8 MB] Download lit-reviews-for-rx-students-v7 [.pdf, 1.8 MB](University of Queensland)
¦ ECU literature_review [.pdf, 160 KB] Download literature_review [.pdf, 160 KB]Tip Sheet