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Swinburne University of Technology
Faculty of Business & Law
INF30020 Information Systems Risk & Security Semester 2, 2022
Report Part A
Word limit: 2500 words
Due: Friday 16th September 11:59 p.m. (AEST)
Please refer to the eTricity 2022 Case Study for this assignment
You are an Information Systems Security Auditor who has been assigned to eTricity to carry out an information risk assessment for the solar energy specialist. Your task is to produce a 2500-word auditors report (in business report format). Your report should address the following specified components:
Prepare an information security risk assessment. To do so, you must:
1. Briefly explain your approach to Information Security risk management and risk assessment to eTricity; i.e. in an approximately 100 to 150 word introduction let your clients know what risk management for InfoSec is is and how you will approach it,
2. Clearly and concisely assess and describe, eTricity’s strategic environment, their value creating activities and current risk posture; propose a target risk appetite and risk tolerance level in report,
3. Identify and table the key roles and responsibilities of individuals and departments within the organisation as they pertain to the management of information assets and assess associated information risks,
4. Carefully audit the case study to identify and prepare a full inventory (descriptive list) of information assets that includes eTricity’s most significant, physical &/or logical information resources, information of value and the information systems/process required for sound information security management and risk management. Include your list as an appendix item,
5. Include an ATV table in your report identify risks (threats and vulnerabilities) for the top 7 information assets identified: provide a supporting explanation for your analysis of the threats and vulnerabilities for eTricity’s most important information assets (both information and information systems/processes),
6. Present a likelihood and impact analysis for the seven (7) most significant information (asset) risks you have identified, in doing so,
7. Evaluate and prioritise the most significant associated information risks for eTricity to manage in your assessed order in your risk assessment table,
8. Your report should be supported with well-described, images and tables.
In preparing your risk assessment report you are NOT TO extend beyond this brief, i.e. you are not to prepare any other components of a risk management plan (mitigating or treating risks). In prioritising your risks, you may table all other information assets and risks that you have identified, but do not undertake a likelihood and impact analysis or prioritisation of any except your chosen top 7.
At this stage, do not propose any risk treatment (management solutions or internal controls), that will come later in your group assignment
Following the completion of the risk assessment report part A, eTricity will evaluate the next steps for your consultancy. The risk assessment needs to be conducted in accordance with best practice and should apply (one, or a hybrid combination of) the leading standards, guidelines or frameworks pertaining to IS risk and security management. Your report must articulate clearly which standards/guidelines it has followed and how they have been used.
You are to prepare your risk assessment report for eTricity’s Directors and your report should be written as a formal business report that is suitable for your audience. Guidelines for business report writing can be found at the Faculty of Business and Law, Swinburne subject guide:
In addition to your use of standards and guidelines for the risk assessment report, you should research and consult secondary sources in your work and in presenting your report follow standard academic referencing procedures for the Harvard Style:
The following should be included with your risk assessment report
• An Executive summary (for a good description of a what comprises a good ES see,
• Relevant appendices for the report (should be used as you deem appropriate and will not be counted in word limit),
• A report reference list that applies the Harvard style guide (in text citation is an expectation for this report).
• All reports must be presented in standard 12-point font Your report will be submitted online in CANVAS.
Please note for planning report structure and word limit: The assessment criteria for this report focuses on your analysis and explanation of the risk assessment you undertake. While all appendices, tables and diagrams used in the report will contribute to your assessment, they do not count towards the word limit for the assignment. Your executive summary and reference list will also not count towards the word limit.
However all diagrams and tables in the report or in the appendix added to the report must be relevant, significant and well supported (through written description) in order to count favourably towards your assessment. Where devices like the Executive Summary, Appendices; diagrams or tables that have been used simply to extend the allowable length of the assignment, they will not be assessed.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3263 words including References

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