Recent Question/Assignment

Word limit: 3000 words +/- 10%
A critical evaluation of an infection prevention and control practice, procedure, or policy
Critically assess an infection control practice , procedure or policy in your work area.
Synthesising your infection control knowledge, safety and cost effectiveness & where appropriate, the need to respect cultural values -
Make recommendations to improve practice.
Describe how you will implement and evaluate these changes and take appropriate action
Provides a clear overview of why the improvement project was needed that conveys to the reader the direction the assignment will take.
The aims/rationale of critical evaluation are clearly described. This section mounts a convincing argument for the intervention. Initial audit/observation against a known standard, guidance or the literature. Includes detail of the assessment of practice/procedure or policy that could be undertaken. Gaps and weaknesses are clearly identified. Other factors such as staffing and resources, project team if required, history of current practices and workplace readiness for this improvement is discussed.
The standard, guideline and literature that the practice etc is being measured against is clearly identified, with details of points of difference, accurately cites and referenced
The improvement strategy (intervention) that addresses the identified gaps and weaknesses, is explained. Discussion and analysis of stakeholders, engagement, implementation strategy for the intervention, analysis of barriers and obstacles and communication strategies are outlined and justified
Demonstrates understanding of how the intervention could be evaluated or measured, includes discussion of evaluation method, clearly identifying what the intervention is being measured against. Evaluation method reflects the aims and objectives of the project.
Summarises and draws together the findings and outcomes of the project
There are another 20% of the marks taking the total to 100 for the quality of your evidence and expression. See the marking grid on the previous page to understand how these sections are assessed.