Recent Question/Assignment

Here is the assignment details.
Research multiple sources about multiculturalism, read definitions, advantage, training, complaints.
Review those and create your own policy.
Source can be any online web, but dont copy exactly from the source.
Scenario: Nothing exists, no definition, rules or procedure on multiculturalism at contoso company.
First Person usage
My, I , Me, Myself not allowed, we, our, us are okay.
1. policy statement.
80-100 words
Content: Contoso dedication to the principles of multiculturalism

2. Definition
80-100 words
Content: define multiculturalism in workplace
3. Benefits
5-7 bullet points on benefits of multicultural team
4. Complaint procedure
words 60-90
Employee procedure when someone feels the policy is violated
This to ensure employees of their rights and responsibilities when issues have occurred.