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Assessment 1 JUST 2005 Case study
The assessment will comprise of a case study with an introduction and conclusion paragraph
James is a 15-year-old boy who has been arrested by the South Australian police and charged with breaking and entering a property. He was caught in a neighbour’s house searching through the cupboards and with the neighbour’s lap-top, video equipment and mobile phone in a shoulder bag which he had brought into the premises.
The police were called when the neighbour returned home unexpectedly and found a back window had been broken and James was in their house. James was taken into police custody and called James’ parents to attend an interview at the police station and James was then released on bail and returned to reside in the family home. James’ parents are very distressed and anxious about this and about attending family conferencing through the SA Youth Court. James has not broken the law before or been in trouble with the police.
Include the 5 section headings below (See assessment 1 – Legal case study guide and the feedback sheet for further details under the course assessment tab).
Clear and concise synopsis of the case
Identify and describe the 3 pieces of legislation applied
Outline the court’s role, purpose and intervention (Eg. The Youth Court purpose, the role and court intervention/services for young offenders in South Australia)
Demonstrate understanding of the human service worker/social work roles, knowledge and skills required to work with this case study. (Eg. young people in the legal system and their families, knowledge in linking theory to practice, assessment and engagement skills)
Demonstrate understanding of the social justice and ethical issues in relation to the case study (Eg. taking into account James’ age, working with his parents and referring to the AASW/or ACWA Code of Ethics and Intervention Conventions related to Young People)
A minimum of 10 -18 references are required for this 2250 word assessment

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2812 words including References

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