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Essay Question:
From you reading so far of Indigenous worldviews, philosophies and perspectives define Indigenous relationality. Discuss what you learnt about Indigenous people in this unit and how this relates to your own understanding of self. Reflect on how this might be applied in your professional career at the completion of your degree.
Suggested Essay Structure to answer this question:
1 Introduction:
Who you are, what this course was about. Define the concept of Indigenous relationality and discuss why this is important to the Indigenous worldview. Briefly describe your own relationship to learning about Indigenous Australia and the experience of learning this content.
2. Background/ Body:
Outline the key points on the topics/ subject matter discussed and explored in each week. Unpack key points of each week using scholarly references (peer reviewed literature). Relate it back to Indigenous relationality.
3. Define what you learnt about Indigenous people. Describe the key characteristics of Indigenous relationality.
4. Describe what you learnt about yourself. Relate it back to Indigenous relationality.
5. Conclusion:
Synthesis this and where you are now significance of this for the future, in [
Relate it back to Indigenous relationality. Include points that discuss the your professional field of practice after your degree or in other contexts.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1844 words including References

Introduction to Indigenous Australia People places and Philosophies

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