Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment Topic
You are tasked to write an analytical reflection on the module experience. You are required to choose and reflect on relevant and
appropriate examples from learning materials and demonstrate self- awareness and self-evaluation. This should include, for example:
• Identifying the most significant learnings, and explaining why they are significant to you and your current or future career • Analysis, not just description, of learning events / activities of
your own choosing
• Evaluation of skills and insights you have developed and/or
• Making links between learning and action, with particular reference to how the chosen digital skill can apply to your current or most recent work environment or business project.
A reflective essay:
• Questions ideas, considers them in depth
• Explores personal drivers, outcomes, motives
• Includes other (potentially critical) perspectives as well as your own: it requires you to ‘stand back’ from the event/activity
• Links ideas together and doesn’t just make one point at a time
• Explores changes in understandings and ideas and relates current knowledge (past learnings) and experiences, with new learnings
• Identifies changes in work behaviour, specifically changes in practice, and the reasons for these changes
• Includes an Action Plan that states what change need to be made, when it will be made, and the expected outcomes
Purpose Reflective Assessment
is based on reflective learning. It is simply taking a reflective learning exercise and using it as a tool to assess the learning of the learner. Reflective learning is generally viewed as a skill and a way of looking back over an learning event/experience and breaking it down into its mostsignificant aspects, such as key elements drivers, consequences. The most important output of reflection should be turning surface learning into deep learning.