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BSBWHS412 - Assessment Task 1
You have been employed by a landscaping company called Australia Wide Landscaping as a safety officer. Part of your role involves assisting in ensuring the business is compliant with work health and safety obligations.
The director of Australia Wide Landscaping, Kim Nguyen, has asked you to get to know the working of the business by conducting a compliance check in the following areas:
• Risk management
• Consultation and participation
• Training and supervision
• Reporting safety
You will need to access a range of organisational documents to complete this task. Click the link below to access Australia Wide Landscaping Intranet:
Australia Wide Landscaping Intranet
Once you have completed your review of Australia Wide Landscaping compliance in these areas, you will report findings and recommendations back to Kim Nguyen.
Candidate Instructions
This task requires you to review Australia Wide Landscaping’s compliance with relevant legislative and regulatory workplace health and safety requirements.
You will complete a WHS Compliance Checklist to conduct and document your review and recommendations.
Following your review, you will compose an email to Kim Nguyen (Director) regarding the finding of your compliance review and outline your recommendations to rectify any non-compliances or areas for improvement.
Steps to take:
Step 1: Download a copy of the WHS Compliance Checklist.
This template outlines a range of compliance checkpoints which you will use to conduct your review.
Step 2: Complete the risk management review.
1. Review each criteria item outlined in Part A of the WHS Compliance Checklist.
2. Access the Australia Wide Landscaping Intranet and review all workplace documents relevant to risk management. The information found in these documents will be used to complete the checklist.
3. For each criterion in the checklist, mark the YES box if you have determined that this is true for Australia Wide Landscaping based on your review. If you do not believe it to be true, leave it blank.
4. For each criterion that you have indicated “YES”, identify at least one workplace document you have reviewed (or could not find) that allowed you to make that decision and a brief explanation of what you found (i.e Induction Log – not all staff listed on induction log).
Hint: It may be helpful to start in the red section rather than the green section.
Step 3: Based on your review, explain whether Australia Wide Landscaping complies with WHS legislative requirements for risk management.
Use the guidelines below.
The criteria items are divided into three zones:
Each tick in the green zone means you are more likely to be compliant. Monitor and review to continually improve.
Each tick in the orange zone means you are increasing your level of compliance. But Australia Wide Landscaping still has work to do.
Each tick in the red zone means you are less likely to be compliant. These areas need to be addressed immediately.
Step 4: Outline your recommendations based on your review findings, specifically, what needs to be done if there are non-compliances found or area(s) for improvement where no non-compliances have been found.
Use the guidelines provided above when writing your recommendations.
Step 5: Repeat the process outlined in Steps 2-5 to complete Parts B-D of the WHS Compliance Checklist to complete your review of:
o Consultation and participation
o Training and supervision
o Reporting safety
Step 6: Locate the email template provided.
Step 7: Access the AWL Employee Database via the Australia Wide Landscaping Intranet to locate Kim’s email address.
Use the following email address convention for your own email address:
Step 8: Compose your email.
Include the following information in your email:
o A summary of your finding in each of the following areas:
? Risk management
? Consultation and participation
? Training and supervision
? Reporting safety
o Your recommendations in each area
Ensure your email:
o Uses appropriate language for the intended audience.
o Is clear and well structured.
o Uses appropriate greeting
To complete this task you need to submit the following:
First Name_Last Name_Task_1_WHS_Compliance_Checklist
First Name_Last Name_Task_1_Email
V1.0 BSBWHS412 Task 1 - Email Template.docx
V1.0 BSBWHS412 WHS Compliance Checklist Template.docx

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