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Assessment Title Assessment 1:. Discussion Forum Posts 1, 2 & 3
Purpose Contributing to discussion forums is an important role of the graduate Registered Nurse. This assessment poses three questions that will prepare the student for transition from student to graduate Registered Nurse. The use of a Discussion Forum has been chosen to enhance your awareness of the professional
requirements when engaging in forums as you transition to a graduate Registered Nurse. Discussion forums encourage interaction, reflection and feedback from peers.
Due Date Week 7, Thursday 8th September, 2022
Time Due 1600 hours (4pm)
Weighting 50%
Length 350 words per post (total = 1050) +/- 10% (includes intext citations, excludes reference list)
Assessment Rubric Appendix A in NRSG367 EUO
LOs Assessed LO 1, LO2, LO 3, LO 4, LO 5 & LO 6
Discussion Forum Posts 1, 2 & 3
Post 1. Transition from Student to Registered Nurse can be challenging at times. Critically reflect on one (1) nursing work specific challenge you expect to experience personally as you transition from student to graduate nurse. Construct and analyse (1) strategy that you could implement to address the identified issue. Justify your discussion with evidence-based literature. (LO3 & LO4).
Post 2. Have you noticed differences between RN and student nurse roles while on PEP? Critically analyse on one (1) legal and/or ethical difference between your current role as student nurse and your future role as Graduate RN. Your answer should provide a personal example from your undergraduate clinical experience and discussion must be justified with evidence-based literature (LO1 & LO2).
Post 3. Will you use social media to transform your own future professional practice? Critically discuss the positives and negatives of social media when transitioning to practice. Support your discussion with evidence-based literature.
Task (LO5 & LO6).
Submission You are required to post your answers (with supporting references) to the
discussion forum before the due date and time. Post 1, 2 & 3 must also be copied, in their entirety, to a Word document and submitted via Turnitin on LEO before the due date. Screenshot evidence of forum participation should be submitted within the same document.
File format .doc or .docx (not .pdf files)
Published in the last 5-8 years, critical consideration of reference appropriateness expected.
List Heading “References” is centered, bold, on a new page. (14 point Calibri or Arial)
Alphabetical Order References are arranged alphabetically by author family name
Hanging Indent Second and subsequent lines of a reference have a hanging indent
DOI Presented as functional hyperlink
Spacing Double spacing the entire reference list, both within and between entries
Margins 2.54cm, all sides
Font and size 11-point Calibri or Arial
Spacing Double spacing
Paragraph Aligned to left margin, indent first line of each paragraph 1.27cm
Title Page Title, student name, student number, unit, LiC name, due date, word count, no page number on title page. (14-point Calibri or Arial)
Level 1 Heading Centered, bold, capitalize each word (14-point Calibri or Arial)
Level 2 Headings Flush left, bold, capitalize each word (12-point Calibri or Arial)
Structure Question & Answer format. To be written in first person.
Direct quotes Always require page number. No more than 10% of WC in direct quotes
Header Page number top right corner (9 point Calibri or Arial)
Footer Name _ Student Number_ Assessment _ Unit _ Year (9 point Calibri or Arial)
Referencing Style APA 7th
Minimum References 3-4 per post (equivalent to 1 reference per 100 words)
Late Penalties Late penalties will be applied from 16:01am on the 8th September, 2022, incurring 5% penalty of the maximum marks available up to a maximum of 15%. Assessment tasks received more than three calendar days after the due or extended date will not be allocated a mark.
An assignment is submitted 12 hours late and is initially marked at 60 out of 100. A 5% penalty is applied (5% of 100 is 5 marks). Therefore, the student receives 55 out of 100 as a final mark.
Penalty Timeframe Penalty Marks Deducted
16:01 Thursday to 16:00 Friday 5% penalty 5 marks
16:01 Friday to 16:00 Saturday 10% penalty 10 marks 16:01 Saturday to 16:00 Sunday 15% penalty 15 marks
Received after 16:01 Sunday No mark allocated n/a

Marks will be generally returned in three weeks; if this is not obtainable, you will Return of Marks be notified via your campus LEO forum.
Marks for the final assessment (assessment two) of this unit will be withheld until Final Assignment after grade ratification and grade release in December, 2021
Assessment template project informed by ACU student forums, ACU Librarians and the Academic Skills Unit.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1492 words including References

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