Recent Question/Assignment

This assignment is to be written as one cohesive paper, written to publishable quality in full academic style.
Read and examine the Kingston Demographics, the interviews conducted by Sarah and the newspaper articles as well as the Data (SPSS) files. Using this data as if it were your own (see presentation below) and supporting your claims with at least three reference from an appropriate source other than unit material.
Describe a possible hypothesis and research question(s) that might be drawn from this data.
Describe the research method used and describe two possible ways to improve the research design
Examine the questionnaire used and determine the reliability and validity of this instrument.
Conduct a paired samples T-Test, on the pre and post mean scores. Can the null hypothesis be
rejected and why?
Undertaking descriptive statistics analysis on using Sarah’s overall data matrix for the whole study
– NOT her Trial matrix. What conclusions may be drawn from the data that support your hypothesis
and research question(s)