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Title is “Effective use of Blockchain technology”, my focus is on Healthcare field.
The problem I found is lack of standard data formats (specific on patient’s profile form) so Blockchain can solve this or not?
In this project students will first analyse and understand theoretical foundations of effective use of Information systems till week 5. Upon gaining the required knowledge then students will need to be establish their unique question on “How to make effective use of blockchain” . The perform the necessary research activities to provide an original
1. To Be model, or
2. Enterprise Architectural solution or
3. Analytical framework
The original knowledge should describe how to make effective use of blockchain for the chosen context and problem. Each student will have option to choose and focus one of the industries where the social value can be generated with blockchain use research (either education, health or sustainability).
The students are expected to use the theoretical perspectives learnt from their BA/BPM/EIS major units to complete the research paper and propose your own original solution.
Required major studies: Problem solving, critical analysis, design thinking
My major is Business Analysis.
This is what u need to do:

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