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Assessment 3 – Social Media Evaluation and Client Recommendation Report
Word limit: 2000 words (excluding reference and appendices)
In Session 2, you will be given a real-life client and asked to critically analyse their existing social media presence and offer strategic recommendations on how they can build their presence in line with the client’s specific objectives.
You will be asked to produce a detailed research report of the client and their competitor’s current social media. This report is designed to ensure that you understand the client, social media environment, societal issues and cultural contexts.
You will be briefed by the client in order to understand the outcomes they require from the project and ensure expectations are aligned. ?Specific information on the client will be discussed in class and on MyUnits.
Your report must be supported by references to academic and other source material.
The final report should include the following sections:
Section A: Social media analysis
1. Background on the client
2. Analysis of stakeholders, publics and audiences
3. Analysis of current live social media platforms and tactics currently in use
4. Competitor analysis
5. Issue and context analysis
6. Analysis of academic and industry related commentary and relevant literature
Section B: Strategic recommendations
To accompany your strategic recommendations, you will also curate a selection of visual, textual, and audio/video pieces created or collected to support your recommendations. Please ensure you have adhered to the requirements of the brief.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2777 words including figures and References

Title: Social Media Evaluation and Client Recommendation Report

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