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CS683: Embedded, Cyber Physical Systems and IoT Security
Assignment 2
Due Date for electronic submission: September 2nd , Friday, 23:59 PM
In class Presentations: September 3rd , Saturday, 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
General Instructions:
• This is a group assignment with FOUR/FIVE members in a team.
• The team members are already allotted. Please make sure you stick to the same members allotted to you. Details given in the section “Research Papers Allocation”.
• Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Your solution has to be submitted via the ipearl emasters platform.
• Only one person from the group should submit the assignment.
• The assignment presentations will be conducted on Sept 3rd, 2022 starting from
11:00am in the same order as assigned in the excel sheet (link given in “Research Papers Allocation” section). Please make sure all the group members are present during that time.
• Sept 3rd online class will run from 11:00am to 2:00pm to cover all the presentations.
• Limit your presentation to 10 minutes.
Q.1. (100 Marks)
Each group is required to provide a presentation on IoT security-related research papers. Each team's presentation should not exceed 12 minutes. Every member of the team must speak. Each member's contribution will be evaluated independently. The following information must be included in your presentation slides:
1. The presentation should first describe the short introduction of the paper, where it was published.
2. The next section of the presentation should talk about the topic you are presenting. It should give an overall view of the topic.
3. The team should then mention the related work/ literature review in the area they are presenting. This part will contain the work already done in this field. You are also required to mention the drawback of the already proposed work.
4. In the next stage, you can start talking about the work presented in your paper.
5. The slides must include the experimentation setup, methodology used, and results obtained. (Note: few papers might be the survey paper and would not have explained any experiments performed. So, for them, you can talk about the scope of work the paper is discussing and the methodology they are proposing to research further in that domain.)
6. At last, you need to conclude your presentation. You can also talk about limitations that you have noticed in your paper.
7. Also, mention the future work that can be possible in that area. You are open to bringing your ideas to the future work section.
8. Add relevant references in the last slide. (Note: if you are referring to any image or content from the internet, please cite/refer to it in the presentation. Do not just copypaste it.)
Research Papers Allocation:
The following link contains information about the team and papers allotted to each group for presenting:
IoT Security Papers
• A paper title is mentioned in front of each group. Make sure that you present the right paper that is allotted to you.
• The excel sheet contains a link to the folder where you can find the papers.
1. Submit the presentation slides for the paper allotted in a pdf file. Mention names of all the group members of the team.
2. Write a 2-3 pages write-up on the paper including contributions of the paper, limitations and possible improvements. You should also explain why your proposed solution will be more efficient.
3. Present the slides on September 3rd at 11:00am.
Evaluation Scheme for Assignment:
1. Presentation of the paper (70 Marks)
2. The paper write-up (30 Marks)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1290 words including Figures and References

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 23 slides with Speaker Notes

Title: Review of A Light Weight Transmission mechanism for IOT devices

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